offset printing

Offset printing is the process in which ink is transferred or “offset” from a printing substrate to a rubber cylinder blanket and then rolled onto a printing surface, such as paper products.  Items that are frequently produced using offset printing are business cards, letterhead, brochures, flyers, etc.  Sharp and accurate color can be produced using offset printing.  It is also more cost effective than any other printing technique for longer run production.  This is all determined at the time of pricing your printing project to best fit into your budget and objectives.

Some of the advantages of using offset printing are:

  • Wide range of paper stocks available.
  • Highest reproduction quality.
  • Use of many specialty inks, such as metallics and pantone colors.
  • Cost effective for larger quantities

We utilize proven technology and equipment to ensure that our printed products are of the highest quality.  Full-color offset printing is one of our specialties.   Our color specialists are proficient at creating output that satisfies the high quality demands of the most astute print buyer.

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